How the 3by3 Writing Method accommodates free writers

The argument still rages about which is better – letting the book write itself or following a detailed plot plan
Usually following a set plan is a recipe for disaster for the creative writer. Either author rebels and goes another direction, or the book becomes a chore and a resulting bore.
The reason the 3by3 Writing Method works so well is that it is flexible.
Yes you have to define your main character’s motives and define your story in a specific paragraph that make you state the emotional goal of the book. Yes you have to define seven characters… kind of.
And yes you have to fill out over a dozen scene descriptions before starting the book, but none of this planning is very specific in terms of setting, character description or even time frame. The scene descriptions are vital to the story no matter where the characters are headed.
Free writers often let their characters meander, run, argue and sit by a stream for days but usually the writer gets stuck somewhere along the way trying to figure out what happens next. In the 3by3 writing method there is no “next”. Scene cards define certain char cater intersections and their conflicts within that scene. The order can be changed at any time, so “next” is always fluid. If the writer has a sudden inspiration, then notes are made, scene cards added and there’s more to write.
Using the 3by3 writing method, the writer knows his protagonist’s goal, and the three characters designed to stop him. Then there are the two protagonist helpers who push him past the antagonist’s assistants until the final conclusion where protagonist meets, and either arrives at his goal or fails, but learns a lesson…
In the event that the goal and lesson change during the writing process, which could happen, then the author simply alters the short paragraph describing the book at the beginning of section 3.
Sections one (commitment to daily writing in the same place, at the same time) and section two (a commitment to constant contained conflict – CCC do not change)
The 3by3 writing method is more about an outline, not a step by step locked-in story plan.
So free writers are welcome… if they are committed to writing, not hemming and hawing about what happens “next”.

About 3by3 writing method

The author of 12 books, half of them textbooks, two novels and three self help. has struggled with his challenges of completion, distractions, plotting and writers block. Finally after getting stopped I stopped and analyzed what was going on and spent a lot of introspection, research and reading trying to locate the source of these issues. The result of was the 3by3 writing method - a three step program to start and then continue the process of completing a story all the way to publication.
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