Family/friends as reviewer/readers is a no-no

We love to create stories. Most of the time they aren’t real, but they have some basis in reality. We lift people’s names and personality traits. We use the obvious and ones sometimes discussed at family gatherings.
The creative process is not always understood by those who enjoy it. They are constantly amazed at scenes cut, why it takes year to write a novel or why it is hard to create believable plots.
But when they see THEMSELVES in a book or story, real trouble can occur. It is better to let them see the final version and get pissed off. Who knows, you might change details along the way and they could get testy over something that isn’t going to make the final cut.
Just let them read the final. Trying to explain why your best friend is portrayed as a mass murder in a story, is not always easy.
And then comes the real hard one – how do you know about THAT!?!


About 3by3 writing method

The author of 12 books, half of them textbooks, two novels and three self help. has struggled with his challenges of completion, distractions, plotting and writers block. Finally after getting stopped I stopped and analyzed what was going on and spent a lot of introspection, research and reading trying to locate the source of these issues. The result of was the 3by3 writing method - a three step program to start and then continue the process of completing a story all the way to publication.
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2 Responses to Family/friends as reviewer/readers is a no-no

  1. Jen says:

    Hee hee. I can see where writing about family-based characters could be a problem with family. You might become the victim of your next novel. 🙂

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