Don’t just lie (lay) there get up and write or how I learned that words flow downhill

I tried lying down and writing. I even bought this really cool fake wood tray that sits beside your bed and hangs over the edge, specifically for a laptop. Kinda like a hospital food tray. Tilted too. (Altra™ Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk)
But it was too uncomfortable to reach up and type so I got a wireless keyboard on sale at office depot. Then I bought a really cool lap tray thing with legs from amazon.(E-Stand LD09 W White/Black Laptop Table) With Velcro and some experimentation, I found I could either have the laptop on the amazon tray or for a more complicated process – the keyboard on the tray and the laptop on the elevated tray.
Didn’t work. Not at all. Oh the computer, stands, keyboard and wireless mouse worked great. Still use the tray and mouse for in-bed poker. But I’m afraid words flow downhill. Lying there, the sentences got stuck somewhere around my elbow and did not make it to the keyboard,
But don’t worry, my investments are sound. I still use my wireless keyboard at a desk. The lap tray tilts the laptop in front of the wireless. The setup is like working at a desktop. Very comfortable and of course the words make it to my fingers.
I know I won’t even try to write upside down… unless I’m typing with my nose.


About 3by3 writing method

The author of 12 books, half of them textbooks, two novels and three self help. has struggled with his challenges of completion, distractions, plotting and writers block. Finally after getting stopped I stopped and analyzed what was going on and spent a lot of introspection, research and reading trying to locate the source of these issues. The result of was the 3by3 writing method - a three step program to start and then continue the process of completing a story all the way to publication.
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