Alone among many – writers work alone, yet share so many issues

I belong to several writers groups. Two for critiques and one for social connections. In each of these three diverse groups it is obvious that we are all working on different project (marketing, automotive features, YA novels, thrillers and “memoirists”)
Even though we write alone, ee enjoy hearing that other people share the same frustrations, elations and triumphs. My two critique groups are ostensibly dedicated to improving our product yet the commonality of dealing with the process comes out quickly in conversation
In my social group this commonality is even more evident. Even though our ages range from 30 to over 60, we have incredibly different living conditions and lifestyles we still share in our common challenges to be successful writers
The last tenant of the 3by3 writing method is networking. This not only pertains to the process of gaining access to agents and publishers, but to understand we are not alone. We share a common dedication, no matter who we are because we are writers.


About 3by3 writing method

The author of 12 books, half of them textbooks, two novels and three self help. has struggled with his challenges of completion, distractions, plotting and writers block. Finally after getting stopped I stopped and analyzed what was going on and spent a lot of introspection, research and reading trying to locate the source of these issues. The result of was the 3by3 writing method - a three step program to start and then continue the process of completing a story all the way to publication.
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